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turkey drumsticks

Week of November 21-27, 2011

Above is a shot of turkey drumsticks, cooked at 170 for 8 hrs in butter and herbs – a small part of what we were thankful for this year. We hope everyone had a Thanksgiving as delicious as ours.  Now, onto the links!

Gifts and Gear

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season!


Geeky Stuff

  • What would you do if you could use a “superhydrophobic” material to keep a material completely untouchable by water? Swallowing this stuff would probably be a bad idea.
  • Woah! cool: some folks at UMich apparently did a network analysis of 40,000 recipes at allrecipes.com and discovered that many ingredients are highly-swappable. I’m saving this one under “read more about it later.”
  • One of our favorite blogs, Drinkfactory shares a brilliant, detailed post on the artisan distilling revolution. Some really cool science and inspiration to be found in this post.
  • Carolyn Tepolt over at Science Fare experimentally proves that we should all forget pumpkin pie forever - acorn squash makes the best pie. Wahh-huh?? Definitely going to try this one.


  • An interesting article about Coca Cola’s plans to keep using aspartame in the EU, but roll out stevia by 2012.  I’ve done some testing with artificial sweeteners, and suffice it to say the competition is both interesting and complicated.  Certain types of stevia taste the closest to raw sugar as anything I’ve experienced.


  • Use a skillet to reheat pizza with a perfect, crispy crust. Personally, I don’t like the aluminum foil dome idea. I will usually do the skillet trick, then toss it under a broiler. If you’re reheating a large amount of pizza, preheat a baking tray at 350 until it gets hot, toss the pizza on there, then put the whole thing back in the oven, and everything should be perfect in five to ten minutes.

Kitchen Myths

The blog kitchen myths has been around for a while now, but up until recently has sat relatively dormant.  Well, in the past few weeks they’ve really kicked it up a notch, with some clever and useful posts:

  • MYTH: “Fresh” seafood is always better than frozen
  • MYTH: Sushi means raw fish.  (it actually refers to the rice, and sushi itself is may more complicated than you might think.  scroll down on the linked page for my comment).
  • MYTHS: Three myths about dried beans

What geeky gifts are you hoping for this holiday season?

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